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Queen City Half Marathon Ambassadors are passionate about our sport and our little event, tucked away in a the wonderful community that is, the #906.

Follow these amazing athletes on social media, and introduce yourself at the race on July 29th!


Beth Bertucci

Favorite Race: Queen City Half Marathon

Favorite shoe: Probably Mizuno

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Hi! My name is Beth Bertucci. I am a resident of the Copper Country where I am a teacher and school counselor. I have been running for two years. When I began running, I set the Queen City Half Marathon as my goal race—partly because the first year, it fell on my birthday! I have enjoyed racing every year. I have raced half marathons, and one full marathon! I love participating in the Copper Country Running Company’s group runs. I always strive to promote running and outdoor adventures in my community! I have found great friendship and support within the running community, and I want to continue that for other runners! I am so grateful to be an ambassador for the Queen City Half Marathon! 

Chelsea Bromley

Favorite Race: Queen City Half Marathon

Favorite shoe: QCRC Recommendations

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I'm an Anishinaabe artist, bookseller, and newbie (party-pace!) runner, passionate about bringing more people to the sport. Aside from a handful of fun 5ks, I started running in late 2021 for mental health and completely fell in love with it. That feeling of putting something big on the calendar (which for me was the 2022 Queen City Half Marathon) working toward it, and crossing the finish line--there's nothing like that sense of accomplishment, and I want others to experience how life-changing and life-affirming running can be. I want to celebrate all runners, whether you're showing up for your first half-mile or or your 50th half marathon, and I'm honored to be a QCHM ambassador!

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